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FAQs About The Buy In!

What IS A Buy In?
FAQs About The Buy In! - #1
A buy in is an opportunity for multiple individuals or businesses to combine purchases in order to benefit from wholesale pricing.
How does a Buy In work?
FAQs About The Buy In! - #2
You will place your order here with us. We will collect all of the orders, combine them, then place a large order with the manufacturer. Once the order arrives, we will split the order back into the individual orders and ship them out.
How long does it take to get my order?
FAQs About The Buy In! - #3
The general turnaround time is 15 - 20 business days (in other words, up to 30 days and due to shipping delays it COULD take even longer) from the LAST day of the buy-in. HOWEVER, keep in mind that there are a lot of factors that determine how quickly you will receive your order. Overseas Shipping means we have to go through customs. Customs is like the TSA of orders. If they choose to pull one or all of our packages, then we have to wait until they are done. That can add 5+ days to our order. Product availability can cause delays. Manufacturer supplies could be limited. We try to keep... Read More
Do we ship to other Countries?
FAQs About The Buy In! - #4
Yes we do! Feel free to shop if you are in other countries. Shipping rates are calculated upon checkout.
Are there limits on the Buy In?
FAQs About The Buy In! - #5
Yes, there are a few. This is a BULK buy in. Orders are limited to a minimum of 250 gross per stone color/type This is a Limited Time buy in. Each buy in will only last for roughly 7 days. This is a Limited Offer buy in. This opportunity will only come around about once a month. The sizes (at this time) are only ss06 and ss10.
How do I pay?
FAQs About The Buy In! - #6
Immediately upon ordering. We accept most major debit/credit cards AND we accept Klarna Pay!
Can I get a refund after buying in?
FAQs About The Buy In! - #7
Look. I get it. I really do. HOWEVER, once I send the funds to China it is done. The ONLY option for getting your funds back instead of stones is IF the order is lost FROM MANUFACTURER for more than 45 days*, or some other mishap that affects us ALL. Once your order is placed, I have already ordered the stones on your behalf. The manufacturer does NOT refund me, so I can not offer a refund.
Oh no! I missed the deadline for ordering!
FAQs About The Buy In! - #8
It's okay. Another opportunity will come around. Our current plan is to buy in on a semi-monthly basis.
My Package arrived damaged! Can I get a replacement?
FAQs About The Buy In! - #9
Oh No! While we take many precautions to protect your Ice Boxes and rhinestones, we can not be held responsible for the intentional mishandling of packages by the shipping carrier. We WILL as a courtesy, replace your ice box that was broken upon receipt. You need to submit a claim by clicking the link at the top of the page. Along with the claim, you must submit photos of the box as it was received WITHIN FIVE DAYS of your delivery date. We will send out the replacement ice box in the size that was broken, and up to 50 gross stones (at OUR discretion) to replace any that spilled out of... Read More
How can I be notified of the next buy in?
FAQs About The Buy In! - #10
Sign up for the Buy In newsletter at the top of the page. We will email you periodic updates.
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